New Flannels and Backpacks in Time for school

Just got our own custom sewn flannels just in time for fall. Our Huckit flannel comes in two color options with tons of features. Available in our store now.

Our Transition backpack done in collaboration with the fine folks at Smith goes perfect with the new flannel and a hipster café bike. Grab one here.

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VIDEO: How To Saddle Up Your GiddyUp

Our in-house tech Josh just finished this rad video that explains how some of the pivots work on your GiddyUp bike as well as maintenance  and assembly tips to help you keep your Patrol, Scout and Smuggler totally optimized.

Saddle Up Your GiddyUp from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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New Clothing & Accessories For Summer

Just got a massive shipment of rad new items just in time for summer. 4 new T-shirts, water bottles, hands free coozies and socks. Check out the Transition Store for more details.

Darrin and our favorite Irishman Dan showing off our new Hometown T's.

Our new Hometown Washington T makes you super friendly.

Adrian shows off our new V-Neck T.

Dan getting super relaxed in our new wool socks suitable for year round riding.

Eric and Shaums taking turns on some RC rock crawling. Hands free coozie is a must for this sport.

Our performance Purist water bottles are back in stock with a new design and 22 or 26 oz sizes. Stay hydrated!


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