Pinkbike from the top interview of the big k's

Great interview from Mike Kazimer over at Pinkbike for their From the Top interview series. Everything you ever wanted to know about Transition bikes straight from Kyle and Kevin. Click here to read the article.

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Transition Mega Podium weekend!

What an awesome weekend for Transition Bikes! Multiple podium's around the globe.


Tahnee - 2nd at Leogang World Cup, KrunkShox - 1st Place at GoPro Mountain Games, Alex McAndrew & Isaac Allaire - 1st and 2nd at ESC Dh, Logan Wetzel and Josh Gibb - Both 1st place in Pro and JR at CDC/NAEC Enduro.

TR500's, Patrols and Smugglers taking names.


Can you say WINNING?!

Photo credit - Boris Beyer

Photo credit - Andrew Olive

Photo credit - Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Photo credit - Chris Bentley



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Farmer on Patrol

Josh is a cow farmer from Cheshire, UK.
Josh is pretty passionate about his collection of tractors and has built a custom bike rack for his classic blue Ford.
He usually goes to local house parties in his tractor.
On dating apps, his opening line is usually about types of lawnmowers and country music, no word of a lie!
He REALLY likes country music. He's even got a belt to tell everyone.
Josh didn't wash the jean shorts he had on throughout the whole filming, which was about 5-6 days, you'll see them get progressively dirtier throughout the video.
In true Transition style, Josh necked a beer at the top of a track on the final day of filming, and then ended up slinging himself around a corner by hanging onto a tree.

Farmer on Patrol MK1 from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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