"When dreaming up what to shoot for the Sentinel, I couldn't narrow it down to one style of riding, so we shot four locations/riders. All of which found the Sentinel to be right at home.- Skye"

The Coast Gravity Park is the place for steez.

Skye's park setup.

We had perfect weather for our photo and scouting day, then the came the rain.

Rosara, smiling her way down a toothy descent in Squamish.

Classic Squamish

Rosara lead us around her favorite sections in the Alice Lake zone on a crisp December day.

The two owners, Kyle and Kevin, take filming very seriously.

Enduro Jerry knows how to send it.

December had some of the best dirt Bellingham has seen all year, or maybe even ever?

Lando went straight from bike setup at the trailhead, to sending 50ft booters, first day on a Sentinel.

It's always fun to build and shoot big features for video, this one had everyone nervous for the first few hits.

Didn't take long for Matt and Lars to start getting sideways.

Carbon, Aluminum, They both go huge, just pray your tire can hold on.

Although not as big as the jump before, this hip is one of the most blind jumps I have ever seen. The landing is still another 20ft beyond those ferns.

By the end of the day, a blanket of dirt covered the outside of each corner.

It's a ways out there.

Shoutout to Wet Coast Brewing in Gig Harbor for the cold ones. They were well deserved.

XO1 Complete Bike in TR Blue

XO1 Complete Bike in Black Powder

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