The Transition Characters series is about storytelling, whether it's a sponsored rider, trail builder, employee, or community member, the aim is to highlight the influence this person has on the mountain bike community we know and love.

The second video in our TR Characters series brings us to East Burke, VT, where Ella and Alex have built their life around mtb. The proud owners of Vermont Mountain Bike Tours, when you are booking a session or tour with them, you are not getting your average guide or coach, you are hiring two of the nicest people you will meet, that have more skills and experience behind them than they would ever lead on.

Alex lofts into some leafy goodness behind Ella. New England riding in the fall is incredible, Ella’s smile says it all.

The Kingdom trails of East Burke bring in riders from all around the east coast.

With a large trail network, Ella and Alex will make sure you ride all the best trails, and even shuttle you in their school bus.

The Village Sport Shop Darling Hill location provides the perfect place to host skills training. Here Ella has her students working on flat turns.

When the guiding and coaching sessions are over, it’s back to shredding for these two.

The grom squad in East Burke is mind blowing. Snapping corners and hitting the biggest jumps, all with style.

Ella is a role model for the many young female riders. Her attitude towards approaching riding has translated into the youth here, creating a space where young girls grow up with the same courage and progression as the boys.

Don’t let the nice fall colors fool you, it was brutally cold for this shoot. Not that a little cold weather would phase someone from Vermont. These shredders did lap after lap with frozen fingers and stiff suspension.

When the cameras are out, you go big.

Does it get anymore Vermont than this?

The kingdom trails are an incredible network that span through hundreds of different private landowners property, all with great flow.

Alex keeps it pinned, even when the frosty ground is covered with frozen leaves.

This was a first send for Ella. Two days before going in for shoulder surgery to repair her labrum. Luckily she landed it perfect, and her shoulder stayed in place.

You won’t find any Aunt Jemima’s here.

Alex and Ella live only a few miles from the trails, but they plan to have a pump track and dual slalom in the yard soon...with rumors of a rope tow shuttle system from an old ski hill on the property.

Alex and Ella, engaged during this shoot, and married on June 2nd, 2019. Congrats you two!

A massive thank you to Alex and Ella for hosting us at their home for this project

1600 Carolina Street
Bellingham, WA 98229
(360) 366-4960

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