VIDEO: Skye Schillhammer / PHOTOS: Oliver Parish / LOCATION: ORCAS ISLAND, WA

We are fortunate to call Bellingham, WA our home. Surrounded by amazing trails, in a climate mild enough for riding almost the entire year. But last year, winter had a strong grip on the landscape, locking up all the trails with snow and ice. So last February we called our good friend Matt with Targa Boats, and lined up a trip Accross the bay, to a magical little spot known as Orcas Island.

After the quick boat ride, riding started right from the dock to ascend Mt. Constitution.

TR co-owners at the top of Mt. Constitution checking out the stunning view of Mt. Baker and the Bellingham area.

Running a bike company is a full time job, plus a little more. Days like this are a perfect reminder to Kevin and Kyle of where it all started, and why they work so hard to make a company based around riding.

The Sentinel is the perfect bike for outings like this, when you never know what you're gonna get. An all day epic pedal, serious chunky terrain, or a quick jump session, the Sentinel does it all.

Big thanks to our captain, Matt Hardin at Targa Boats for leading us on this journey.