Nick Name? Somehow, I think from Kevin, I ended up with the nickname Samsquatch.

Title? I suppose my title would be Product Manager & International Sales Manager, but like everyone here... I end up doing a little of everything

How many years have you been at Transition? I think I have worked here seven years, maybe eight?

If you weren't working at Transition Bikes where would you be? If I wasn't working at Transition Bikes I would probably start up a cocktail bar/restaurant, but that industry is pretty volatile. And I grew up in a restaurant, so I know how hard it can be.

Favorite non bike activity? It's still "riding" but my dirt bike would definitely be second favorite activity for me. If that is still considered a "riding activity" than I would say skiing... but... if that doesn't count I am not sure what I like to do.

Coolest place you have traveled to? The coolest trip I have done was a float plane trip with Tyax Wilderness Adventures in the Chilcotin Mountains, BC. Get flown in to a remote lake, and ride 3 days back to the lodge in amazing terrain with epic views. Pretty unreal experience.

Most memorable experience since being at Transition Bikes?The craziest memory for me is our most epic Eurobike trip from 2011. Over the course of a few short weeks we rode Albstadt bike park in Germany with a bunch of British dealers, did the Eurobike tradeshow. Then we rode in Morzine (with more Brits) and went to Champery where we watched Danny Hart (another Brit) win the World Championship. I made a lucky bet he would win too! And to top that off we traveled around Spain (avoiding British people) eating great food, riding and doing a mass start Avalance race.

The best post ride activity? After a ride in the Summer I love jumping in a cold mountain lake to get refreshed. Then follow that up with a nice IPA to get warm. Add in a campsite and fire after a long day riding and it's even better.