Nick Name? Scuch, Scooter, Skeeter...I can't keep track of them all.

Title? Hater. I think my hiring letter said "Director of all sorts of stuff".

How many years have you been at Transition? 4 years.

If you weren't working at Transition Bikes where would you be? In a not so distant past, I was going to be a school psychologist.

Favorite non bike activity? I enjoy cooking, dabbling with photography and learning to ride dirtbikes. But lately it's been all fly fishing.

Coolest place you have traveled to? Cam's house is pretty amazing! Aside from that, for culture and getting into unfamiliar territory, India. But I could name over a dozen small towns in BC and Alberta that blow my mind with their mix of trails, scenery, and quality of life.

Most memorable experience since being at Transition Bikes? There are too many, so I'll start with the earliest. After my first week of work here the K's told me we were shutting down the whole office to take everyone on a week long riding trip working our way to Sea Otter. Pretty much the best second week on a job ever.

The best post ride activity? Is it too generic to say having a beer? Maybe add a swim in the lake. It's not original, but it's still the best.