Nick Name? Thor

Title? Protector of the Nine Realms... And Shipping - Warehouse Manager / Photographer / Facilitator of Greatness!

How many years have you been at Transition? More than 6 Earth Years...

If you weren't working at Transition Bikes where would you be? Something involving a Tesla Coil, a large Hammer, and Photography.

Favorite non bike activity? Motorcycling through Cascadias mountains.

Coolest place you have traveled to? Midgard... More specifically, Italy. The culture is so relaxed, but still very detail oriented. Its just fun!

Most memorable experience since being at Transition Bikes? Oh wow... I have to choose one? Well, getting to send Ryan off on his last day with a barrage of fireworks was amazing. Lars falling off the boats at full speed was a classic TBC moment! And our first Dealer Days was out of control funny!

The best post ride activity? Relaxing watching the sun set with some good food is never a bad thing!