Nick Name? DDC

Title? Pac-Man

How many years have you been at Transition? 1 year and counting

If you weren't working at Transition Bikes where would you be? Probably trying to start a bike hostel while attempting to work as few hours as possible and riding as much as possible ...

Favorite non bike activity? Currently trail running, which sounds horrible but there's something about needing nothing and just taking off from your back door.

Coolest place you have traveled to? Part of the reason I moved from Southern Oregon to Bellingham was to be closer to BC after a trip to Pemberton, as of now Pemberton has been my favorite but I'm looking forward to traveling more in the future.

Most memorable experience since being at Transition Bikes? Getting hired, the interview process was pretty rad. It was obvious right out the gate with the very first email I received about the interview that these guys like to have a good time.

The best post ride activity? The typical, having a beer while rehashing the ride and all the close calls.