Lars, Darrin and Krunkshox got out with photographer Joe Sullivan to shoot photos for the Framed Photo Comp in Leavenworth.  They got a typical fall mixed bag of Cascadian mountain weather. Dripping with sweat one minute and absolutely frozen to the bone with mega wind chill.



For the amount of beer we drink it is kind of ridiculous that it took us this long to finally do our own pint glasses. Only $7 for one and they are available on our Webstore here.


Pinkbike TR500 Review

The TR500 is something special, a downhill bike that feels familiar right out of the box, with impeccable handling that reduces the time needed to unlock its secrets and increases the amount of time available for pushing it as hard as possible. When you're spending hard earned dollars on lift tickets or race entry fees, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to relearn all the little handling quirks of a bike every time you roll it out of the garage. That's where the TR500 shines - just hop on and start charging, and the TR500 will get the job done in style, whether it's roaring across the finish line, or whipping sideways over a floaty booter. While it may not garner the same amount of press as the carbon race steeds of the World Cup circuit, that doesn't mean it's any less capable, and the adjustable geometry allows it to be configured to meet just about any rider's needs. - Mike Kazimer

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